Javid Javdani is an independent entrepreneur in San Diego, California. Through his love for business, he was able to own his grocery store while still working as a pharmacist. Javid Javdani has succeeded by assessing the needs of others and having a specific plan in place.

The Importance of Planning

Javid Javdani from San Diego, California, Explains How to Scale a Business

A business plan assesses…

Javid Javdani is an independent entrepreneur that knows the value of industry relationships. As a business owner in San Diego, California, Javid Javdani has seen the importance of networking with others and maintaining positive relationships with employees.

Javid Javdani from San Diego, California, Explains How To Motivate Employees

How To Motivate Employees

Javid Javdani started building relationships with the community as a small business owner…

Javid Javdani, an entrepreneur from San Diego, California, understands that being a good leader in business is an arduous process. It requires an understanding of everything related to the company, and you also have to manage people effectively. …

The success of a business deeply relies on proper planning methods. Many areas, such as initial financing, operational systems, and marketing, all need a strategy that should fit the business niche perfectly. …

When new entrepreneurs set goals for their businesses, they are not always realistic. Having high sales figures, hundreds of new leads, and a profitable operation are worthy goals but breaking down goals into manageable pieces is associated with achieving them.

Javid Javdani, a pharmacist and entrepreneur from San Diego, California…

Pharmacists are best known for their primary job function, which is filling prescriptions for medications. Half of the U.S. population takes prescription medications, so pharmacists have a unique reach across the country.

While filling prescriptions is highly important, it is not the only function of the community pharmacist. Javid Javdani

Javid Javdani

Javid Javdani from San Diego, California, is a licensed pharmacist, a successful entrepreneur, and a dedicated business owner.

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