Javid Javdani Shares Seven Small Business Goals You Can Set This Year

Javid Javdani
4 min readMar 19, 2021


When new entrepreneurs set goals for their businesses, they are not always realistic. Having high sales figures, hundreds of new leads, and a profitable operation are worthy goals but breaking down goals into manageable pieces is associated with achieving them.

Javid Javdani, a pharmacist and entrepreneur from San Diego, California, shares the process of setting goals and exploring the top seven small business goals that you can set this year.

Javid Javdani from San Diego, California, on Business Goals You Can Set This Year

How to Set Goals

Setting goals is essential to the success of your business. Here’s a quick guide on setting goals.

Quantifiable Goals

The first step in the goal-setting process is making your goals quantifiable. This means that you should know exactly what you want and how you will get there. It is less helpful to set a vague goal like “doing better at engaging with customers” and much more beneficial to set specific target numbers. This way, you will know exactly where your efforts need to be directed, rather than aiming for a vague spot on a sliding scale.

Commit To Your Goals

The second step in the process is to commit to your goals. Once your plan is set in motion, you should be motivated to see your goals through to their completion. Procrastinating and second-guessing will delay the process. Remember to reward yourself for sticking to your goals.


The third step is to make your goals public. This is an effective technique because letting another team or person know what you are doing will give you accountability. After you share your goals, you can decide whether they will be involved in implementing them.

Next, you should set clear deadlines for achieving your goals. If you do not set deadlines, this will signal that you are not fully committed to the plan.

Setting Specific Business Goals

Here are seven great examples of small business goals that you can set for 2021. These goals will help your business grow and help it meet the many challenges of the marketplace.

1. Enhance Customer Service

One of the best ways companies can distinguish themselves from their competitors is by dedicating themselves to excellent customer service. Creating a new customer service process can help to retain customers and attract new ones. Set up a feedback system to allow your customers to tell you what you are doing right and wrong.

It is also an excellent idea to integrate social media and customer service. A social media presence is one of the significant ways your company makes contact with the public. It is a good idea to make sure that anyone who sees your company on social media sees your commitment to customer service.

2. Reduce Business Expenses

Most business owners are looking for ways in which they can reduce expenses. While you are setting this goal for 2021, make sure that you are specific about how you will reduce these costs. Some examples of ways to reduce costs include reducing your debt, using more technology, or making changes to your operations.

3. Increasing Productivity

Many businesses find themselves unable to maintain the proper levels of productivity. It is a great idea to look into ways to boost productivity at the individual and company levels. It can help to reduce distractions during the workday. New procedures on how to use email can be helpful. Finally, technological tools like workflow software can help your team come together more efficiently and avoid wasted time.

4. Drive More Traffic to Your Website

If you have more website traffic and blog hits, this is generally associated with more customers. Being more visible online can help companies of all kinds attract and retain customers.

One of the best ways to increase your website’s reach is through content marketing strategies. This concept goes beyond making a website and expands your reach into different areas.

5. Increase Your Use of Social Media

Javid Javdani from San Diego, California, on Social Media

As stated above, social media is a huge part of every smart company’s marketing processes. If you have not yet used social media to the fullest, 2021 is the year to take the plunge. Choose a social platform that matches your target audience and work toward creating excellent content to attract the right buyers.

6. Improving Your Business’s Financial Health

If your business doesn’t operate with a firm budget, you should change this immediately. Your ongoing budget can be a guide toward a prosperous future. You need to have a complete picture of your incoming money and your monthly expenditures, and you need to know what types of other expenditures you may need to make in the future.

7. Work on Networking

Successful business owners have strong professional networks. If you are new to business or have not yet developed a network, this is the year to make it happen. Even though it is challenging to make in-person connections during a global pandemic, you can make connections online or through platforms like LinkedIn. You can also speak at small business events online.

Goal-Setting Works for Businesses

If you have positive goals and keep them in mind at all times, your business will be more successful. Javid Javdani has explained the process of setting goals and suggested seven starter goals that may be good choices for your business.



Javid Javdani

Javid Javdani from San Diego, California, is a licensed pharmacist, a successful entrepreneur, and a dedicated business owner.